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If you have not been on one of the Collin College campuses, come visit us!  校园 tours are available weekly for the Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Technical, Wylie campuses 下午1:30.m. We also have evening tour options this summer at 5:30 p.m.  我们希望 see you on campus soon!



The tours are led by Collin College Student Ambassadors, or staff, take approximately one hour to complete.  Guests do not need to register in advanced to attend and have the option to meet with an academic advisor, financial aid representative, or other campus department staff members immediately following the tour (staff may not be available during weekend tours).  Tours start promptly 下午1:30.m., so guests are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early.

  • 弗里斯科校园 – Meet at the Information Desk in Lawler Hall, Monday 下午1:30.m.
  • McKinney 校园  – Meet at the Welcome Desk in the Welcome Center, Monday 下午1:30.m.
  • 普莱诺的校园 – Meet at the Information Desk in the main atrium, Wednesday and Friday 下午1:30.m.
  • Technical 校园 – Meet at the Information Desk in Building A Level 1, Thursday 下午1:30.m.
  • 威利校园 Meet at the Welcome Desk in the 校园 Commons, Monday and Friday 下午1:30.m.
  • Celina and Farmersville – 校园 tours are by appointment only.

*Tours will not be held March 11-15, March 29



  • Wednesday, April 3 - Technical 校园 (Meet at the Information Desk in Building A Level 1) REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Thursday, April 4 - 威利校园 (Meet at the Welcome Desk in the 校园 Commons) 注册 在这里
  • Wednesday, April 10 - McKinney 校园 (Meet at the Welcome Desk in the Welcome Center) REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Thursday, April 11 - Farmersville 校园 (Meet at the information desk) 注册 在这里
  • Monday, April 15 - 普莱诺的校园 (Meet at the Information Desk in the main atrium) REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Tuesday, April 16 - 弗里斯科校园 (Meet at the Information Desk in Lawler Hall) REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Monday, April 22 - 塞丽娜校园 (Meet at the information desk in the main building) 注册 在这里


LARGE GROUP TOURS  [15 or more visitors]

  • If your school or community group would like to schedule a large group tour, or have Collin College at your event, complete this form
  • All requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.
  • All details and guidelines will be communicated with you directly once the request 收到. Questions can also be submitted to

In preparation for your visit, you can view a virtual tour of the Collin College campuses by clicking the name of the following campus: 弗里斯科校园, McKinney 校园, 普莱诺的校园, Technical 校园, 威利校园, 塞丽娜校园, Farmersville 校园, iCollin Virtual 校园.


High school students may visit the campus as part of their college visit or part of 大学的一天. High schools may require visiting students to submit paperwork to their respective offices in order to receive an excused absence from class.  学生和 Enrollment Services on the 弗里斯科校园, McKinney 校园, 普莱诺的校园, Technical 校园, 威利校园 will provide a campus visit letter to all students on official Collin College letterhead and have the exact day and time of the visit.

  • To receive a campus visit letter, the student (s) must attend and complete the entire guided tour of campus by our Collin College Student Ambassadors during scheduled tour 次.
  • It is strongly encouraged that students meet with an academic advisor, a financial aid representative,/or the admissions office during their campus visit.
  • Students must request the campus visit letter on the day of the campus visit.  传真 and mailed forms cannot be provided.
  • Collin College will not be able to confirm if the student will be excused or not.